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Mersea Island - Waiting For The Tide At The Strood

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Mersea_Island_Strood_BW_RB1By the very nature of its name, Mersea Island is for at least some of the time surrounded by water. The only connection to the mainland is a causeway dating back to Roman times.

The causeway, or ‘Strood’ as it is locally know, carries the main road (B1025) from Mersea to Colchester across the low lying salt marshes and waterways that separate Mersea Island from the mainland. Access to and from Mersea Island is often hampered when the causeway is flooded at high tide. This everyday occurrence necessitates the need to be constantly aware of the tide times, and most local Mersea people will have a tide table to hand.

So if you are thinking of paying Mersea Island a visit, make sure you plan your trip well and check out the tide times.

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